Maine Collection

Lively Accents is a member of “Maine Made” and the “Maine Craft Association”. Growing up in Maine my roots and my heart are tied into Maine and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  All of our items are handcrafted in Norway Maine, and we source as many of our materials as is possible from the local mines and beaches.

We take great pride in using authentic Maine tourmaline from the local mines. As a small local business we want to support our local miners. Their work gives us the raw materials to create our beautiful pieces. The local beaches also provide a bounty of enchanting sea glass for us to use. While authentic sea glass continues to become rarer every year we work to bring out the beauty in every piece of native Maine sea glass.

Maine owned, Maine operated, and using materials from the hills and beaches of Maine. Lively Accents is my love, and that love is tied into my home.